Choosing to go on a school ski trip at Easter time and during term time instead of during half term in February and October offers several positives:

Less Crowded Slopes: Ski resorts tend to be less crowded during Easter time and during term time compared to half term holidays. This means shorter lift queues, more space on the slopes, and a generally more enjoyable skiing experience without the hustle and bustle.

Potentially Better Weather Conditions: Depending on the location, Easter time can offer better weather conditions for skiing compared to February and October. Warmer temperatures may provide more comfortable skiing conditions, especially for beginners or those who prefer milder weather.

Educational Opportunities: Going during term time allows for potential educational opportunities that might not be available during half term breaks. Teachers can incorporate skiing into the curriculum, such as lessons on physics (gravity, friction), geography (mountain landscapes), or even foreign language practice if skiing in a non-native country.

Availability of Accommodation and Facilities: Accommodation and facilities at ski resorts may be more readily available and less expensive during Easter and term time compared to peak holiday periods. This could allow for more options in terms of lodging and amenities, potentially resulting in a more comfortable and affordable trip.

Extended Trip Duration: Since Easter holidays tend to be longer than half term breaks, there’s potential for an extended ski trip. This allows for more time on the slopes and the opportunity to explore the area more thoroughly.

Cultural Experience: Traveling during Easter time may provide students with the chance to experience local Easter traditions and cultural celebrations in the area they are visiting, adding an extra dimension to the trip beyond just skiing.

Less Disruption to Learning: Going on a ski trip during term time means less disruption to the academic calendar compared to taking time off during half term breaks. Students can catch up on missed work more easily and may feel less pressure to cram their studies into a shorter timeframe.

Overall, choosing to go on a school ski trip at Easter time and during term time can offer a more relaxed and potentially enriching experience for both students and teachers alike.

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by Emilie Lehkyj


by Emilie Lehkyj


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