Hi, my name is Kaeti and as the new travel advisor for Select School Travel, covering Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire areas, I thought I would introduce myself to you all and tell you all a bit about my experience as a PE teacher and positive impacts I have seen first hand in taking students on a Ski school trip.

As a seasoned ski rep events manager, I found myself stranded in Dover for 18 hours with students during a school trip. Killing time on social media, I saw ferry companies misleading the public about the situation. Unwilling to stand by, I decided to counteract their misinformation online. This escalated to media attention, with Sky News requesting a live update, followed by BBC radio and video interviews. It served as entertainment for my team and 40 students during the delay. Surprisingly, we managed to board a coach 30 minutes post the Sky News segment, making me think P&O just wanted to be done with me!

The Select team’s outstanding support during a challenging time was immensely appreciated. Their round-the-clock availability provided reassurance, while their diligent planning ensured smooth operations. The Director of Operations, Neil, made a promise that was fulfilled due to their well-strategized plans A, B, and C. Despite the industry’s difficulties during COVID, Select’s planning and logistics were impressive. When queried by the media, my first response was always to commend the Select team.

After an unforgettable ski trip at Les Deux Alpes (which I would highly recommend!) I was approached by Select Sales Director, Janet Ford. Over coffee, I shared my travel tales, only to be surprised with a job offer. Despite pandemic circumstances and a recent return to teaching, I took up the opportunity. Now, I’m working full-time with Select across Cheshire, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, and North Wales, thrilled about my future with this incredible company.

Having experienced many skiing trips 1st hand as a teacher on the slopes with my students, I can’t recommend enough how much of a positive impact this type of trip has on the pupils.  As a Travel advisor, I can now pass the knowledge onto teachers about how a ski trip provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in outdoor learning. The physical activity involved in skiing promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows students to experience education in a different environment.

From a teacher’s perspective, organizing a ski school trip for GCSE students can offer numerous benefits that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. Here are several advantages I feel students can get out of a school ski trip:

Outdoor Learning Opportunities:

Ski trips provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in outdoor learning. The physical activity involved in skiing promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows students to experience education in a different environment.

Team Building and Social Skills:

Ski trips often involve group activities and teamwork. Students learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and develop social skills as they work together to navigate the slopes and participate in group activities.

Risk Management and Responsibility:

Engaging in a physically challenging activity like skiing requires students to understand and manage risks responsibly. Teachers can use this experience to teach students about safety measures, decision-making, and taking responsibility for their actions.

Independence and Self-Reliance:

Being away from home in a new environment encourages students to become more independent and self-reliant. They learn to manage their belongings, navigate unfamiliar spaces, and make decisions on their own, promoting personal growth and maturity.

Cultural Exposure:

Ski trips often take place in different regions or countries, exposing students to new cultures, languages, and traditions. This cultural immersion can broaden their perspectives and enhance their understanding of the world.

Physical Fitness:

Skiing is a physically demanding activity that contributes to overall fitness. The trip provides an opportunity for students to engage in regular physical exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle and potentially sparking an interest in lifelong fitness activities.

Stress Relief and Wellbeing:

Spending time in a scenic, outdoor environment can have positive effects on students’ mental health. Ski trips offer a break from the academic routine, providing a chance for relaxation and stress relief.

Real-World Application of Skills:

Students can apply concepts learned in the classroom, such as physics principles related to motion and friction, in a real-world context. This hands-on experience can enhance their understanding and appreciation of theoretical concepts.

Motivation and Engagement:

The prospect of a ski trip can serve as a motivational tool for students. The anticipation of an exciting outdoor adventure can boost engagement in class and improve overall student behavior.

Memorable Experiences:

Ski trips create lasting memories for students. These positive experiences can foster a sense of camaraderie among classmates and with teachers, contributing to a positive and supportive school culture.

It’s important for teachers to plan and supervise such trips carefully, ensuring that safety measures are in place and that the educational objectives align with the curriculum. Additionally, considering the diverse needs and abilities of students is crucial to creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Get in touch with me today about how I can help plan your schools next ski adventure!

by Emilie Lehkyj


by Emilie Lehkyj


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