The school ski season is underway! The Select School Skiing team has put together some useful resort tips for school ski party leaders to help you on your way:

1) Give every pupil on the trip a pocket-sized card of essential information: hotel name and telephone number, school emergency contact details, space to enter ski and boot numbers.

2) Looking after the group can be a tiring job. The most effective way we see trips run is by splitting the group into teams of 8-10 students with a staff member in charge of each one. The party leader can then oversee the staff, making the job more manageable.

3) Having a fun competition throughout the week among group teams can help keep the students engaged at all times. Points can be gained for skiing well, helping staff or students etc. You can spice this up with a forfeit for the losing team at the end of each day (fancy dress items for the following day as an example!). This approach builds up a team spirit among staff and students as well as providing a mutual talking point for all.

4) Ensure time is taken at boot fit to get the most comfortable fit – this saves unnecessary trips back to the ski hire shop.

5) Make sure you make a note of all lift pass identification numbers per person. In the event of a lost lift pass, this will make the replacement process much more straight forward.

6) Be flexible on ski school times as the ski school will make it work for the group.

7) Have a go-to activity in case of a spare 20 minutes, or if you get delayed at the airport etc.

8) Discourage parents from contacting their child while they’re away and vice versa – one strategy to minimize worrying is to send out a very short daily blog, tweet or email saying all is well.

9) Depending on individuals, one idea is to leave pupil’s mobile phones in the hotel charging while skiing – they get their phones back for the evening, and you could possibly take them away overnight.

10) Take lots of photos and video – this is useful in helping to advertise the next ski trip and for memories!

11) Ensure students are equipped for any type of weather when leaving the hotel in the morning, and that they always have sunblock.

12) Get students to put a checklist on the back of their room door to check every morning before departing: lunch (money), lift pass, lip salve, sun cream, helmet, gloves, etc.

Happy school skiing. We hope you all have brilliant school ski trips! Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress on social media – we love to see your pictures and hear how it’s going!

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by Ewan Cheyne


by Ewan Cheyne


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