If you’re new to taking school trips abroad but would like to take the plunge, we’ve collated TEN TIPS to help you on you in the initial stages:

1. Book as far in advance as possible to get the best options.

2. Talk thoroughly with the company staff. Make sure they know what you want with all the details.

3. Collate passenger information (passport, dietary etc) at the start when collecting deposits. This will save administration time later.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any stage. Your tour operator is there to help and will never think a question isn’t valid.

5. Plan excursions carefully due to the distance between places, you can pack so much more in if you get advice on how to do this from an experienced tour operator. Their experience will help formulate the best, most time effective itinerary for your needs.

6. When booking, pay quickly as flights increase in price.

7. Ensure all visits are booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

8. Think of the weather and time of year, what you need to do while you’re there, and how this fits in.

9. Know what you want to achieve and make sure the tour is aimed at your objectives.

10. Consider if going earlier in the academic year could be a better option. There are many reasons why winter residentials are great. One is that you have longer in the school year to capitalise on the learning/growth and the trip may also work out cheaper.

If you’re a teacher new to taking a school trip abroad, it may help to contact one of our Regional Travel Advisors who can take you through step by step from point of a first informal conversation, through to planning, departure and beyond. You can find your Regional Travel Advisor here.

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