Many schools face the reality that trips require a clear educational link in order to be approved.  Your ski trip, when booked through Select is in safe hands when it comes to the examination side of GCSE PE.

Our Travel Advisors are on hand to discuss the needs of your GCSE PE specifications, related to your ski trip and what needs to be organised to be sure that the GCSE PE skiing or snowboarding candidates are given the best opportunity to access the highest possible marks.

A number of GCSE PE specifications need a timed slalom as part of the recorded evidence, others do not.

Select offer hints and tips on how to get the best out of your ski trip with regards to GCSE PE learners, not only does a ski trip broaden the sporting horizons of learners, it’s a great way to keep fit and can be used as an activity for the NEA (Non-Exam Assessment) coursework, as well as  fulfilling the needs of one of their three sports.

Assessment criteria by exam body: