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  • Is it necessary for all students to take ski lessons?

    We recommend every student take the ski lesson to help […]

  • Are there any grants or funding options available for school ski trips?

    Some organisations, foundations, or local authorities may offer grants or […]

  • How can we save money on transportation?

    To save money on transportation, consider organising group travel, comparing […]

  • Are there any budget-friendly ski resorts for school trips?

    Yes! Take a look at our Budget Friendly Resorts, designed […]

  • How much does a school ski trip cost?

    On average, a school ski trip can range from £500 […]

  • What are the skiing facilities available near Hotel Uappala?

    Hotel Uappala is conveniently located near the slopes of Sestriere, […]

  • What is the best time of year for a school ski trip to Sestriere?

    The ideal time for a school ski trip to Sestriere […]